The following variants of Bit Map are available to enable users to choose the right balance of features and cost that suits their requirements, while also allowing the developer to gain some reimbursement for the time and effort required to produce, maintain and support the app.


Bit Map Lite’ on the App Store – FREE

This free ‘Lite’ variant includes all the features that most users require.  It can also be used to ‘try before you buy’ if considering purchasing the ‘Standard’ version.


  • Maximum of 3 online map services and/or offline data stores can be managed within the app
    • No limit to the number of layers that these services or data stores can contain
    • Open Street Maps map service is included in this tally, but it can be deleted and replaced with another service or data store
  • Tracking always uses the ‘WGS 84’ (EPSG:4326) spatial reference system (default for most GNSS/GPS devices)
  • Settings cannot be locked with a password
  • None of the extra features listed under the ‘Pro’ variant are available


This ‘Standard’ variant has none of the limitations listed above for the ‘Lite’ variant and is more suited to power users or for corporate environments.

Bit Map‘ on the App Store


  • None of the extra features listed under the ‘Pro’ variant are available


This ‘Pro’ variant includes some extra features over and above what the ‘Standard’ variant offers and is aimed at professional or GIS users.

Bit Map’ on the App Store, PLUS the ‘Pro’ in-app purchase

To purchase the ‘Pro’ version

  • Download the standard ‘Bit Map’ from the App Store – NOT ‘Bit Map Lite’
  • In Bit Map (standard), go to Settings -> Pro
  • Tap ‘Buy Pro Now’
  • Follow the App Store prompts

Extra Functionality in the ‘Pro’ version

  • Add Feature
    • add a feature to any arbitrary layer from the map view, not just to tracking layers
    • like adding a waypoint, but for any layer in any writeable offline data store (not just for the Waypoint layer in the Tracks data store)
    • currently for point layers only (line and polygon features planned for a future release)
  • (More ‘Pro’ features to be added in the future)

NB:  Not all new functionality in future releases will be restricted to the ‘Pro’ variant.