Prepare and optimise map image files for use in Bit Map:  Georeference, Tile (create Tile Grid layer), Mosaic

MAPC2MAPC has two ways to make BitMap7 Tile Grid layers:

Single Map Image File

  • Load the calibrated map (or load an image and calibrate it)
  • Choose File -> Write BitMap7 for iPhone
  • Save the ‘bm7’ file to the iCloud Drive folder
  • Using the ‘Files’ app on the iPhone/iPad:
    • Find file in the iCloud Drive folder on the iPhone/iPad after it has sync’d with iCloud and tap it to unzip it
    • Copy it to the ‘Bit Map’ folder in the ‘On My Device’ folder

Mosaic Multiple Map Image Files

Several maps of the same area at different scales and/or maps of adjacent areas can be combined into a single BitMap7 file.
  • For each of the maps:
    • Open the calibrated map (or open the image and calibrate it)
    • Choose File -> Write map for Mobile device
    • Select MBTiles Sqlite and specify the zoom levels you want
      • Be sure to check the ‘Write atlas directly..’ box at the bottom left
      • Write the maps to the same MBTiles file replying Yes to the ‘Merge with existing file’ messages
  • When all the maps have been merged:
    • Choose Utilities -> Convert MBTiles to BitMap
    • Save the bm7 file as above
    • (Note this function does not appear for unregistered versions)