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Maps, Navigation, GIS  •  Online, Offline  •  Highly Customisable

Bit Map is the original custom map navigation app, being first to provide navigation with arbitrary offline maps in 2009.

Rebuilt from scratch for version 7, Bit Map now supports a variety of online map services including WMTS, TMS and XYZ/OSM-compatible services, as well as several offline vector data formats such as GeoPackage, Shapefile, File Geodatabase (read-only), GPX and KML. Map image files can still be imported and used as map layers with 4 methods of georeferencing available.

Bit Map is built on a true GIS foundation and can manage data in hundreds of different coordinate systems, projections and geographic datums. Layers with different projections can be displayed simultaneously in the same map.


Do not use Bit Map while operating motor vehicles, other vehicles, machinery or in any potentially dangerous situation. Do not rely on Bit Map, or on the accuracy of data presented by Bit Map, for any purpose in which inaccuracies or app behaviour could cause danger, loss, damage or problems of any kind to the user or to any third party.

Users are responsible for abiding by the copyright and license terms of any data, maps and services that they use with Bit Map.