The ‘Pro’ add-on (in-app purchase) for Bit Map enables some advanced features aimed at professional or GIS users.  This allows each user to decide which balance of features and cost suits their requirements, while also allowing the developer to gain some reimbursement for the time and effort required to produce, maintain and support the app.

To Purchase ‘Pro

  • Download ‘Bit Map’ from the App Store
  • In Bit Map (standard), go to Settings -> Premium Features
  • Tap ‘Buy Pro Now’
  • Follow the App Store prompts

Extra Functionality in the ‘Pro‘ version

  • Add Feature
    • add a feature to any arbitrary layer from the map view, not just to tracking layers
    • like adding a waypoint, but for any layer in any writeable offline data store (not just for the Waypoint layer in the Tracks data store)
    • can add to point, line and polygon layers
  • Modify Selected Feature(s)
    • merge features
    • split line feature
    • move vertices of selected feature
    • delete selected vertex of selected feature