Supported Layer Types

The following online layer types can have specified portions downloaded and saved to Bit Map’s Layers Library as an offline Tile Grid layer:

  • WMTS
  • TMS
  • XYZ (inc Open Street Map and similar)

Note that some services may not permit this type of use.  Please check with the service provider before downloading.  It is the users’ responsibility to ensure compliance with any terms and conditions attached to any map services they use.


Before commencing download of an online layer, ensure that:

  • The layer is visible on the map
  • Symbology scaling is not enabled (ie, the item in the top toolbar look like ‘x1’, NOT ‘x2’)
    • If this is not the case, Bit Map will automatically prompt you to change this before downloading

How to Download Part of an Online Layer so that it can be Used Offline

  • Pan/Zoom the map in the main Map View, so that the part of the map to be downloaded is entirely visible, with some extra space around it
  • Tap the download layer button (top toolbar)
  • (If more than one eligible layers in present on the map, choose which layer to download)
  • Drag the 4 guides to define the portion of the map to be included in the offline layer (see screenshot)
  • Top ‘OK’ to confirm the area
  • Select the range of zoom levels to download
    • They will initially be set to include 2 lower and 2 higher than the current map zoom level
    • Each additional zoom level higher will increase the download size (and time) by about 4 times
  • Tap ‘OK’
  • Review the summary information and tap ‘OK’ again to proceed
    • Progress will be displayed during the download
    • The offline Tile Grid layer will be added to the Layers Library when complete
  • After download is complete, tap ‘OK’ to dismiss or tap ‘Add to Map’ to also add the offline layer to the map immediately
    • Note that the offline layer won’t be immediately obvious on the map if its online source layer is also still visible on the map