This feature enables the user to define a point on the Map View, and then view that same map point in the iOS bundled (Apple) ‘Maps’ app.  From there, the ‘Maps’ app enables the user to plot a route to that map point, or to navigate to that map point.

Note that the actual route and navigation features are performed by the ‘Maps’ app, not by Bit Map.

To plot a map point for navigation, routing or viewing in the ‘Maps’ app:

  • Tap the Navigate Route button (bottom toolbar in the Main Map View)

  • Specify the location by EITHER:
    • Tap the desired location on the map, OR to place the location target more accurately, use a single finger to drag the yellow target to the desired location on the map
      • As the target moves, it will remain a little above the touched location so that it can be seen without being obscured by the finger
      • If necessary, TWO fingers can be used to pan/zoom the map to bring the target location into view and at a suitable scale
  • OR:
    • Enter the X/Y (or longitude/latitude) coordinates (or the MGRS grid reference if this option is enabled in Display Settings)
  • In the ‘Route to Point’ dialogue view, optionally enter a name for the map point (this name will be used to label the point in the ‘Maps’ app)
  • Tap ‘OK’ in the ‘Route to Point’ dialogue view
    • The ‘Maps’ app will open with the chosen map point centred
  • Optionally, use the ‘Directions’ button to show directions to the chosen map point from the current location
    • Then, optionally, use the ‘Go’ button (and, if desired, the transportation type selector) to start navigating to the chosen map point