The Search function can search for any features that match specific search text in any layer that is stored in a local (offline) data store (it does not search online services).

Search for Feature(s)

  • Tap the Search button (top toolbar) in the main Map View

    • The search bar will appear
  • Enter the search text into the search field within the search bar
    • Search will be performed when text entry stops or pauses
    • A list of search results (if any) will be displayed below the search bar
    • The search results will be grouped according to which layer the features were found in

Note that the first field in the layer will be displayed as the heading of each search result, and other fields (as many as fit) will be displayed below the header for each result.

Change Search Mode

The search mode (All Layers, Visible Layers, Single Layer – All Fields, Single Layer – Single Field) can be changed either before or after the search text is entered.

  • Tap on one of the search modes in the search bar:
    • All Layers – all layers in offline data stores in the Layers Library will be included in the search
    • Visible Layers – only the layers which are currently visible on the map will be included in the search
    • Single Layer – search only one specific layer
      • A dialogue window will appear in which the desired layer should be selected
      • Optionally, select a single field to search in only one of the selected layer’s fields (or select ALL FIELDS to search in all fields in the selected layer)

Show Found Feature on Map

  • Tap the found feature in the search results list to pan the map to that location and place a point pin on that location

Add Found Layer to Map

  • Tap the Add-To-Map button next to the found feature to add that entire layer to the map