Multiple image files can be used to create a single map layer if they are all georeferenced and they all have the same spatial reference system.

Before the images can be mosaic’d into a Tile Grid map layer, they must be imported into Bit Map and if they are not already georeferenced, then they can be georeferenced within Bit Map.  To perform these prerequisite steps, see:

NB:  It is not necessary to create a layer for each image file first.  Only to import each file and make sure that each file is georeferenced.

Image files must all be stored in the same folder in the Offline Data Store, and no other image files with the same spatial reference system must be in that same folder.

Mosaic a Set of Image Files into a Single Tile Grid Map Layer

  • In the Offline Data Stores Diretory, navigate to the folder that contains the source image files
  • Tap on the Mosaic button (bottom toolbar)

  • If there are multiple mosaic candidates (multiple sets of images with different spatial reference systems), select the spatial reference system from the list that is displayed

A new tile grid layer will be generated in the same location as the source image files and a progress bar will be displayed indicating the progress of creating the tiles for the new layer.