Arbitrary features can be added to any writable point layer currently on the map at any time.  Note that recording a point for the current location is usually done using the dedicated Waypoints features, so consider using that feature instead if only recording points for current locations (see:  Record Tracks and Waypoints).  Adding features is generally for adding points that are NOT at the current location.

Note that unlike recording Tracks and Waypoints, adding other Features (below) does NOT automatically create a layer to add the points to.  If a suitable layer (writable layer for Point features) is not already on the map, then this feature will not be available (and will display an error if attempted).

Add a Feature

  • Tap the Add Feature (‘+’) button (bottom toolbar on the Map View)
    • The proposed location of the new Feature will be illustrated by the yellow target symbol
  • If multiple eligible layers are available on the map, tap the ‘Layer’ field in the ‘New Point Feature’ dialogue view to select the layer in which the new point should be added
  • Tap the desired location on the map, OR to place the location target more accurately, use a single finger to drag the yellow target to the desired location on the map
    • As the target moves, it will remain a little above the touched location so that it can be seen without being obscured by the finger
    • If necessary, TWO fingers can be used to pan/zoom the map to bring the target location into view and at a suitable scale
  • Optionally, in the ‘New Point Feature’ dialogue view, enter a value for the new point feature
    • Only the first attribute (field) in the selected Point layer will be displayed in the dialogue and a value can be entered for it in the field displayed here
    • If there are no attributes (fields) in the selected Point layer, then no field will be displayed for data entry here, and only the location of the Point will be included
  • Tap ‘OK’ in the ‘New Feature’ dialogue view
    • The new feature will be saved and added to the map

Layer Style (Symbology)

By default, when the layer is added to the map, a random style will be generated for its display.  To change how the layer is displayed on the map, see ‘Change Layer Style’ on the Map Layers  page.