In the Main Map View tap the Settings button on the top toolbar to access the configuration settings.  The various settings are explained below.


Settings Automatically Sync Between Devices

Bit Map will automatically synchronise MOST settings between all devices that are signed-in to the same iCloud account, including iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.  This also includes app behaviours and data that are configured outside of the ‘Settings’ panels (see some of these extra behaviours in the list below).

Sync can only occur when the devices are connected to the internet.  Sync is not instant, but is dependant on the iCloud sync timings.  It is usually within a few seconds, but can sometimes take a lot longer.

What is NOT Sync’d

The following settings are device-specific and are not sync’d:

  • Current map specifications including
    • layers (inc. base maps)
      • These are not sync’d because some layers’ data sources may not be available on all devices and it also allows users to view multiple maps simultaneously (on different devices)
    • extent
    • spatial reference system
    • symbology scale factor (0.5, 1.0, 2.0)
  • Location mode (none, display location, centre on location, rotate to heading)
  • Speech settings
  • Cache settings
  • Data Stores
    • These can be too large and change too frequently to be suitable for sync; manually copying between devices is required if they are needed on multiple devices

App Behaviours and Data Outside of ‘Settings’ Panel which ARE Sync’d:

  • Network Services (WMTS, XYZ/OSM, etc)
  • Saved Maps (base maps and map layers)
    • NB:  Saved maps may not work correctly when used on other devices if the same data stores and layers are not present (with exactly the same names in exactly the same folders, etc)

Share Settings with Other Users

For organisations where the same settings should be used for all users (including online map services in the Layers Library), it is possible to configure the settings on one device and then share them from that device, and then import them to other devices.

This feature can also be combined with ‘Lock/Unlock Settings’ feature (above) to prevent users from changing settings and/or prevent users from changing configuration of online map services in the Layers Library.

WARNING:  If shared settings include a passcode, it will not be possible to change the Lock/Unlock Settings passcode after the settings have been imported unless the imported passcode is known.  If the settings also include Lock settings, then it may not be possible to change any settings at all after the import is complete, unless the passcode is known.  (If this occurs, the remedy is to back up all offline data stores – eg, to iCloud – delete the app, and then re-install the app.)

Share Master Settings

On the master device from which settings should be shared

  • Tap the share/action button (bottom toolbar) in the Settings view

  • In the share-sheet that appears, select the method to distribute a file of settings to other users/devices

Settings can be shared by saving the file to somewhere that other devices can access it (eg, save as a file to iCloud) or to nearby devices by AirDrop, etc.

Import Shared Settings

On the device(s) that is/are to be configured the same as the master device, make sure that the master settings file is available (eg, in the ‘iCloud’ section in the ‘Files’ app, or share by AirDrop on the master device).

  • Choose to share the settings with Bit Map
    • How this is done will depend on where the settings are being shared from, eg:
      • AirDrop:  Share the settings from the master device (see above) and choose the AirDrop option
      • File:  Select the file and choose the share/action button and choose ‘Bit Map’ as the option to share with
  • In Bit Map, tap ‘Import’ when prompted to confirm import of the settings
    • If the settings include a passcode option, note the warning above then tap ‘Import’ again to confirm import of the passcode protected settings